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The fishing town of Vegadeo is situated at the west of Asturias in the Mancomunidad de Oscos-Eo and borders with the Community of Galicia . The town is less than two hours from the beautiful cities of Oviedo in Asturias and La Coruña in Galicia. It’s closest Airport is Asturias. From the town you can access many amazing beaches both in Asturias and Galicia.

Vegadeo and the neighbouring town of Ribadeo (Galicia) is divided by the estuary of the River Eo and together they offer some amazing and picturesque coastal scenery. The Estuary of the Eo River has been declared a Partial Natural Reserve for its marine ecosystem and because it is one of the most important wetlands in the North of Spain for its concentration of birdlife and waterfowl making it an ideal place for ornithologists to visit.

Its proximity with Galicia makes the architecture of Vegadeo a mixture of both Asturian and Galician styles, with stone structures and slate roofs. The traditional Asturian food stores or “horreos” can be seen side by side with the traditional Galician Style Barns. These buildings, usually constructed near the main house, were designed to store meats and vegetables.

Some of the best representations of the Celts and Celtic culture can be found in and around the town and can seen in the carvings and designs on the old buildings and food stores.

Around the middle Ages the nobility and clergy controlled and governed the area and left testimonies to their existence by way of Palaces, Large Stately Houses, chapels and sanctuaries. You will also find many examples of this throughout the enchanting small fishing towns and inland country hamlets.

Vegadeo is a part of the “Northern Route of  the “Route of Saint James” and also you can enjoy “The Black Market Route”, which is part of the Walk of Santiago. This Route starts in the town of Louteiro and follows the steps used in the old times by Jacobean pilgrims and black marketers travelling alongside the river Eo. The walk passes through the pier at Abres and the Castle of The Pividal.

There are also other walking routes like “The Route of the 12 bridges” as well as a Car Route called “The Route of the Palaces”.

Vegadeo is in close proximity to the Mountains of the Oscos and the fantastic beaches of Asturias such as Peñaronda, declared a Natural Monument. It is also close to the Galician besches such as the very popular and beautiful Cathedral beach so called because of its rocky likeness to the drawings of a Cathedral.

In Vegadeo you can partake in lots of outdoor sports and activities the most popular been Canoeing and Cycling.

The local gastronomy is a mixture of traditional Asturian and Galician food but the dish most popular is Octopus or “Pulpo” cooked to perfection and served on a bed of boiled potatoes.  The way the octopus is prepared and the outdoor restaurants that serve it have become one of the main tourist attractions of the town. The selection of drinks on offer are either traditional Asturian cider and Galician Ribeiro or Alvariño wine which go perfectly seafood. Being a coastal town you can also find amazing razor fish, clams and very good oysters!

Celtic Music plays a big part in the town and people come from all over the globe to celebrate the “Celtic Night” festival at the beginning of August. The festival attracts those who love Celtic Music, Gastronomy and street parties. This party was originally the idea of an Asturian sailor who many years ago witnessed the New Orleans Mardi Gras and decided to try it in Vegadeo but with a more Celtic twist.

Note: The word Mancomunidad roughly translates as “shared management” in English


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Images supplied by Tomás Fano.