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The Council of Corvera County is formed by the councils of Aviles,  Castrillón,  Corvera  and  Illas. This county is in very close proximity to the Airport of Asturias.

The impressive beauty of this area lies together with one of the most important industries in Asturias, the steel and chemical industry and plays host some of the most important international companies in these sectors such as Arcerol Mittal and Du Pont.

Corvera is a part of the Northern Route of the “Route of Saint James” and you can access many other walking route.

The capital of the County of Corvera is the town of Nubledo. There you can find beautiful examples of classical nobility architecture such as the old town hall dated in the 17th century or the Palace of Bango built circa 1755.

In Corvera you will find the the family palace of Solis, a typical Asturian Palace from the 16th and the Palace of the Rodriguez de Leon. Also in the towns of Cancienes, Molleda and Solis there are complex of Asturian stilted food stores called “Horreos” and “Paneras” with typical Asturian decorations and designs.

The water reservoir of Trasona is an important spot for practicing ornithology and also an ideal place to enjoy kayaking or canoeing. In fact the “European Championship of Canoeing” is held here.

In Corvera you will find places to golf, trek, travel along car and bike routes and especially along “The Route of the Water” where you will find the “Wetland of the Furta” which is a great location for ornithologists and also “El Escañorio” where you can find the “Gorge of Escañorio” with special natural protection.


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Images supplied by Ayto de Castrillon, Ayto de Corvera, Ayto de Illas, and Turismo Asturias: Arnaud Späni, Camilo Alonso, Marcelo Alonso, Jose Antonio Carretero, Marcos Vega.