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Taramundi is a very beautiful and picturesque town in the middle of the Mountains of Asturias in the Mancomunidad de Oscos-Eo.

One thing that defines Taramundi is the amazing mountain surrounds and the pastures dotted throughout with Teitos, which are old thatched roofed huts made of heather. The huts where used to protect both the farmers and cattle from inclement weather as livestock was moved from mountain fields to low lying pastures during spring or autumn.

The streams and rivers of Taramundi run abundant with crisp clean mountain water and you will find many well preserved old water mills still utilising the energy the rivers provide. The mills play a big part in local mythology and songs as they were used during early stages of the iron industry and for grinding grain throughout the area of Oscos-Eo. Some of the best examples of these mills are the “Mill Museum of Mazonovo” and the “Etnographic zone Os Teixois”, declared of Cultural Interest in 2005, which are a fantastic learning experience for adults and kids.

Taramundi is also famous for its traditional knife making industry. You can’t leave Taramundi without buying one of their excellent handmade knifes which hold their sharpness and are perfect for the kitchen and other uses. You can also find out more about the history and craft of this industry at the “Knife Museum”.

Taramundi has several Museums and workshops to visit related to arts, crafts, the knife industry and energy and ethnography. It was declared Arts and Craft heritage Area because of the continuing presence of its fine craftsmanship.

The town is surrounded by nature and you have plenty of mountain routes to do either walking, trekking or mountain biking such as “The Route of the Water Mills”, “The Route of the Water”, “The Route of The Ferreiros” or “The Route of Teixos”.

At every turn you’ll witness presence of Celtic history with traces of settlements and many examples of drawings and carvings on balconies, in corridors, and on traditional Asturias food stores or “horreos” / “paneras”.

The Gastronomy of Taramundi is mainly traditional Asturias cuisine with some Galician influences mainly based on Casseroles, Asturian reared beef, fresh fish from their rivers, cheeses and desserts.  With all the mills in the area you can imagine they produce wonderful breads that are served with every meal.


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Images supplied by Ayto de Taramundi and Turismo Asturias: Noe Baranda, Arnaud Spani and Juanjo Arrojo.