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The area of Peñamellera in the East of Asturias is very popular for tourism because of its privileged location between the magnificent Picos de Europa and beautiful sandy beaches. It is also well connected by the Airport of Asturias (Ranon) and Airport of Cantabria (Santander) as this area borders between Asturias and Cantabria.

The River Sella is one of the most important Salmon Rivers of Spain and fishermen enjoy not only the quality fishing but the amazing scenery as well.

In Peñamellera you can enjoy activities such as trekking, paddling, canoeing, canyoning, mountain biking, spelunking, climbing, horse riding among others.

Also it is a very important area for its representation of Paleolitic Art and the examples of “Indiano Architecture” which shows the influence of the Emigration of Asturians towards Latin America and North America and it is displayed and explained in the “Museum of the Emigration” in Colombres.

The council of Peñamellera Alta lies between the Cuera Mountains, the Picos de Europa and the River Cares. It has one of the most extraordinary examples of Cave Painting called Llonin Cave which has been declared a Heritage of Mankind but it can not be visited for conservation reasons.

In Peñamellera you can find medieval and roman architecture like the Church of San Pedro de Plecín or the bridge of La Vidre. Also examples of old Palaces, large country estates, religious buildings and Indiano architecture.

The council of Peñamellera Baja is its neighbour and it is also very important for the Cave Paintings of the Loja Cave which is open to the public

It is easy to access nature in Peñamellera and there area a wide variety of  forest walking routes to do.

Here you will also find the Museum of Asturian bowling (Bolos), where you’ll be able to find out about this historical and cultural past time of the Asturian people.

The local gastronomy is mix traditional and modern Asturian food, delicious Asturian reared beef, fish and seafood and it has a wide variety of local cheeses and desserts. This area is also part of the Route of the Cider so you can enjoy some crisp traditional cider as its best. You’ll also find typical cheeses from the East of Asturias such as the very popular Cabrales Cheese, Gamoneu or Beyo.


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Images supplied by Tomás Fano and Camilo Alonso.