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The “Fundacion Oso Asturias” (Bear Foundation of Asturias, FOA) is a private non-profit organization whose purpose is to promote and develop activities for the conservation of the cantabrian brown bear and its habitat.

The foundation was created in 1992 by several Asturian entities that were aware of the imminent danger of extinction that threatened the cantabrian brown bear in Spain. The main goal is to be actively involved in protecting the cantabrian brown bear, as a symbol of the wildlife in the Cantabrian Mountains.

The Foundation is financed by several sources:

– Contributions of board members.

– The collaboration of individuals and entities who contribute financially in order to support the activities of the foundation.

– The sponsorship from external companies that assume the financing of specific projects: publications, campaigns, exhibitions, courses etc.

The Bear Foundation aims to encourage, promote and implement activities for the conservation, protection and scientific research of the cantabrian brown bear populations and their habitat. This is to be achieved within the context of general conservation and sustainable use of biodiversity in the Cordillera Coast.

To achieve these goals, the Bear Foundation of Asturias is involved in the plans of the recovery of the brown bear, directed ​​by the Government of the Principality of Asturias.

Social awareness on the current status of brown bear

Environmental education aimed at specific groups and campaigns for the public in general.

Conservation of social and cultural values ​​related to the brown bear and its habitat.

Scientific research based the brown bear and  its habitat.


A project that organizes meetings of several days, focused on the four thematic blocks proposed in the VI Program of the European Union “The Future is in our Hands”. The project is aimed at Asturian educational centers and financed by Cajastur Bank.

The Department of Education & Science and the Department of Environment, both of the Principality of Asturias support and monitor this project.


The “House of the Bear” is the official headquarters of the Fundación Oso Asturias, and is located in the village of Proaza. It has a permanent exhibition about the cantabrian brown bear and its habitat, which is open to the public every day of the week.

THE FENCED BEAR AREA: located in Santo Adriano, next to the Senda Del Oso is just outside Proaza. Built in 1996, it is an area of four acres with fence surrounding it to house the only two specimens of cantabrian brown bear. It allows us to see how the bears Paca and Tola are living in their habitat.

MANAGEMENT OFTHE WATERHOUSE” in the village of Rioseco (Sobrescobio). Integrated in the Natural Park of “Redes”, we can find this center for information and environmental education of the water resources.

– ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION OF THE CANTABRIAN BROWN BEAR: Programs and campaigns developed in schools and social centers of Asturias.

TEMPORARY EXHIBITIONS: the Bear Foundation of Asturias operates and manages exhibitions on request in several centers. These exhibitions are used as visual support for interviews and talks with all groups interested in environmental issues in general and on the cantabrian brown bear in particular.

BEAR CLUB: A way of participation for anyone who wants to collaborate with the aims and objectives of the Bear Foundation of Asturias. The club membership entitles people to receive newsletters, participate in volunteer work, accessibility to training programs, guided tours, etc.

PRODUCTION OF PUBLICATIONS AND ART: For example scientific books, manuals, teaching guides, newsletters, books for children, posters, videos etc.

SCIENTIFIC RESEARCH: sponsoring of various research projects or theses developed by university graduates.

PARTICIPATION in conferences, series of lectures, round tables, etc.

COORDINATION of activities of various environmental conservation groups and guards who are working on the protection of the brown bear and facilitating the exchange of information.

The Board of the Bear Foundation of Asturias is composed of the following institutions and entities:

Gobierno del Principado de Asturias, Caja de Ahorros de Asturias (CAJASTUR), Hidroelectica del Cantábrico, Dupont Ibérica, Arcelor Mital, Ibérica de Servicios e Inversiones S.A. (IBERINSA), Hunosa, Suzuki Motor España S.A.; Aguas de Fuensanta S.A.; Sociedad Anónima de Trabajos y Otras (SATO), Fundación Principe de Asturias, Sociedad Anónima Tudela Veguín.

The Prince of Asturias, S.A.R.D. Felipe de Borbon y Grecia is President of Honour of the Foundation.

If you wish to contribute to this very worthy cause you can do so using the bank account details bellow:

Account: 20480000293400111112

IBAN: ES7920480000293400111112

Country:  Spain


Bank: Cajastur-Caja De Ah. De Asturias


If you want more information contact Where is Asturias at info@whereisasturias.com


Images supplied by Tomás Fano, Fundacion Oso and SRT: Arnaud Spani, Paco Curras S.L.,  Antonio Vazquez