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Saboreando Asturias: to understand the concept and quality of the food in Asturias you must first understand the environment from which it is produced!

Every aspect of cooking in Asturias, be it traditional or haute cuisine, is reflective of the way of life of the Asturians as they gather fresh seasonal produce from land and sea.

Modern influences have recently pushed the local gastronomy into stratospheric levels and Asturias now boasts 7 Michelin starred restaurants and is also considered to be one of the cheapest locations to experience such fine cuisine.

The organisation Saboreando Asturias has made it possible for visitors to Asturias to experience first hand the care and love that goes into every dish, from the local producers to some of the finest chefs Spain has to offer.

Visitors can experience routes such as:

  • The route of the cider.
  • The route of cheese and dairy.
  • The route of the flavours from the sea.
  • The route of wine.
  • and the Route of flavours from the country.

As a visitor you will get to savour Asturias by both vision and taste as you are guided through this wonderful landscape sampling its cornucopia of local produce… An opportunity too good to miss!!

Buen provecho
Bon appétit
Enjoy your meal !

For more information follow this link: www.saboreandoasturias.org

If you want more information contact Where is Asturias at info@whereisasturias.com