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The vibrant village of Ribadesella in Asturias is one of the most popular, liveliest and busiest for holiday makers as it makes a perfect base for outdoor enthusiasts, geologists and historians and attracts visitors from all over the world.

It is surrounded by some of the most beautiful scenery due to the close proximity to the very popular and splendid mountains of the Picos de Europa. It also has some of the most beautiful sandy beaches, cliffs and protected natural areas in Asturias.

One of the most important aspects to Ribadesella is that it is home to the Tito Bustillo Caves which contain prehistoric cave paintings dating back to 36,000BC. The site has been declared an UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2008. They have representations of Palaeolithic art, containing a large collection of the best quality engraved and painted panels culminating in the world famous “Great Panel”.

The coastline of Ribadesella is a part of the “Coastal route of the Dinosaurs” where you can find fossilised dinosaur prints and bone remains. There are examples at Vega Beach, Teñeres Cliffs and the Ribadesella Beach.

The main town of Ribadesella is divided at the estuary of the River Sella and has a very nice historic and medieval centre with some architectural jewels. You can also visit the fishing port, fish market and modern Marina with its long promenade.

Ribadesella has a pebble beach known as The Atalaya and is mainly used by the locals as a place to lounge in the sun. There is also a long sandy beach called Santa Marina which is ideal for taking a dip. Within its immediate surroundings there is wide selection of beaches to choose from such as Vega, Guadamia or Arra.

The Council of Ribadesella is a part of the Route of Saint James. This section is known as the  Northern Route” which goes along  the Coast of Asturias. You can also enjoy easy and beautiful walking routes such as “The Route of the Cider” or “The Route of the Mills”,

Ribadesella can be very busy town as it offers a full list of outdoor activities within the town and throughout its surroundings. There are many sporting activities to choose from such as surfing, golf, water sports, trekking, climbing, speleology, canoeing and other outdoor and adventure sports.

Ribadesella and the river Sella is a big favourite for canoeist from all over the globe. The stretch of water between Arriondas and Ribadesella is hugely popular due to its scenery but also because it plays host to one of the most celebrated International Canoeing festivals and races, the Descent of the River Sella. This yearly event takes place during the month of August and despite been a serious race it also throws a great party so there is plenty of fun to be had.

The River Sella is one of the best fishing rivers in Asturias and is also one the best salmon rivers in the whole of Spain. It is ideal for both lure and bait fishing and is well regulated to keep stock levels consistent.

Gastronomy in Ribadesella mainly consists of traditional and modern Asturian food. You can find delicious Asturian beef, fish and seafood and it has a wide variety of local cheeses and desserts on offer. Ribadesella is also part of the route of the Cider so you can enjoy this traditional drink at its very best.

The quality of accommodation, restaurants and nightlife in the area is high as Ribadesella has been well developed for tourism. You will find a large variety of very cosy rural houses to rent or charming boutique rural hotels.

Ribadesella is around one and a half hours from the airport of Asturias and about one hour from the airport of Santander so it is well connected and easy to get to.


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Photos supplied by Tomás Fano and Video supplied Ayto de Ribadesella:  Ribadesella Turismo & Mía Cardeña