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The Council of Pravia is a part of the Bajo Nalon Region formed by Muros del Nalon, Pravia and Soto del Barco and located between the centre and west of Asturias in the estuary of the River Nalon.

This region is a very beautiful, relaxing and ideal for holidaymakers offering many activities.

The main village of Pravia is the town with the same name and has a very nice historic town centre considered of cultural interest. Places of interest include; the Collegiate Church of Sta Maria la Mayor from 1715, the Moutas Palace and the Canon Houses. Also you can find in Pravia the Chapel of the Virgin of the Valley and the industrial site of the Sugar Factory from 1900 which is currently being rehabilitated.

The town of Somao is home to some fine examples of the “indiano arhictecture” and of the local school was built and maintained by returning wealthy Asturian emigrants. Asturias underwent large scale emigration at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century to America, especially Cuba, Mexico, Argentina, Venezuela and the US. After the emigrants settled into their new homes and became wealthy they didn’t forget their roots and decided to build these magnificent houses to show off their new status as rich men. This style of very distinctive and characteristic architecture was almost always is accompanied by large ornate gardens of palm trees as a part of their identity. Also, a lot of the “Nouveau Riche” acted as sponsors and helped finance some basic needs in the towns like education, water or drainage.

In the council of Pravia, you will find some very interesting examples of ethnographic buildings in La Veiga such as the mills which have been in use since 1890. A very important visit is the basilica of San Juan in Santianes of Pravia which is the only pre-Romanic building from the 13th century preserved in Asturias.

Pravia has different routes to discover either by walking or travelling by car. Some of the Walking Routes are; The Green Coast from Pravia to Santianes, the Sailors Route, or the Green Coast from Pravia to Quinzanas. You can also enjoy several Car Routes such as The Pre-Romanic route, The Arango Valley Route, the View Points Route, the Narcea Route and the Indianos Route.

The Council of Pravia is a part of the Route of Saint James. This section is known as the  Northern Routewhich goes along  the Coast of Asturias.

The Gastronomy of this area is based around the classic Asturian fare, with stews, Asturian reared beef, Chicken dishes, plenty of sweet treats and Asturian cheeses.


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Images supplied by Tomás Fano