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Misiego Beach it’s a small sandy beach formed within the Villaviciosa Estuary in the Villaviciosa council, which completely surrounds and isolates it from the neighboring ones: el Puntal beach to the West (the other side of the estuary) and Rodiles beach well… North. Right across the river, with low tide only, you will discover the Bonome beach.

The available area of this beach varies a lot with high tide. It’s not very well known and mostly locals enjoy its tranquil waters – it’s not so crowded compared to Rodiles or even Del Puntal beach.

It’s rather long (1100 meters), surrounded by dunes and has no amenities.

You can get here from Rodiles (there is a wooden platform and a footpath built around the estuary and it will take you to Misiego) by foot or by car. As usual, we suggest you to leave the car in the parking of Rodiles or anywhere else cause Misiego doesn’t have a proper parking.

You can park on the dunes but it gets very crowded and it’s more a pain than a joy to get here by car in the summer, especially during weekends (you can download the beach app Asturplaya and it will take you to Misiego, Rodiles, Bonome and El Puntal).

The Estuary is a very good fishing spot and, being really calm, is a good spot for practicing stand-up paddle or learning how to surf.
Around Misiego (not too close but not too far either) you will find bars, restaurants and a camping too. The Estuary is actually a very popular destination in the summer and the locals will offer you all the services you might need.

But what you’ll find in Misiego is peace and the most beautiful birds’ songs you ever had the pleasure to hear.

In the summer the crowd might scare them off but in the spring they are so busy mating or nesting that they won’t mind you.

You can walk on the beach or around the estuary and enjoy the most beautiful songs that nature can create. Indescribable, really.

Video supplied by Objetivo Drone

Article by Asturplaya

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