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Cobijeru is not only a beach. Actually it is not a beach like you might imagine, it’s a pair made of a cave called Cobijeru and an inland beach (inlet) called Las Acacias. Nowadays people only know it under the name of Cobijeru and forgot about Las Acacias, name it took for being surrounded by lots of Acacia trees (thorntrees are they called, I believe?). You can see them in the image below, I can only image how they “decorate” the beach in the spring.

You can only reach Cobijeru / Las Acacias on foot (by bike too, of course). You might have to leave the car in the nearby village of Buelna in Llanes and continue on foot, crossing some pastures (while here, you might wanna check the spectacular Buelna beach too!)

The trail is wide, visible and in good shape and it will take you first to the cave of Cobijeru (you can explore it if you want, it’s open and rather safe with low tide. And small).

Continue on the same road and you will reach the beach. I forgot to tell you it competes against the Gulpiyuri beach as being the smallest in the world (or so is anyone selling tourism wanting you to believe).

Cobijeru is an inlet of golden sand and scattered rocks, with crystal clear water (with low tide you won’t see any) brought here through tunnels carved in the rock by the sea.

With low tide you might actually walk through them if you wish (never tried, but I might!)

High tide will fill the beach with water and also all sorts of marine life, my favorite being the sea anemones.

Being a secluded beach, Cobijeru has no parking, no amenities, no lifeguard, nothing.

You might find a lot of services in the villages nearby but not here. This is a sanctuary and it should remain like this forever!

The cliffs surrounding the Cobijeru beach are an attraction in itself. Really “tall” and sharp, they’re the best viewpoint to allow you to see a part of the coastline of the municipality of Llanes. They are also a good fishing spot, just be careful where you put your foot on.

Video supplied by Objetivo Drone

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