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Asturias is located in the North of Spain and surrounded by mountains of up to 2500 m but is also home to several hundred of kilometers of Atlantic shore making it ideal for mountain biking.  Asturias is blessed with some of the most beautiful and wild landscapes of all Europe.

It was in the 90’s when Asturias saw the arrival of this sport to its mountains. Parks like the Picos de Europa (One of the biggest Spanish National Park), Somiedo Natural reserve, Central Mountains of Asturias, were the places where mountain biking in Asturias was first introduced.

Now, with the development of several tourism-oriented infrastructures, Asturias has become one of the most stunning and friendly places for mountain biking, especially regarding the challenging trails with epic climbs and technical descents and up to two hours rocky trails all the way.

In the summer, most of the Peaks and Passes are open for MTB, so epic rides up to 8-10 hours in duration passing through some of the wildest places are common here. One of the benefits of riding here in Asturias is the local tasty cuisine, friendly people and very remote locations that the region has to offer. Some bus shuttle services can deliver you at the top of some of the more difficult downhill sections of the county in a matter of one hour. If you enjoy climbing, mountains such as the mythical Angliru (one of the most demanding climbs in Europe with a 2km at 22% of inclination continuously) are ready for you to overcome.

During the winter months, temperatures drop down to about 10 degrees and snow mainly falls only on the highest mountains, so the coast and the mountains of central Asturias are perfect for a proper winter ride. Be prepared to face some showers and some really wet muddy trails but if you want to properly challenge your skills then winter riding in Asturias is ideal for you. Moreover, if you want to increase your mileage, there is a beautiful network of routes along the coastline which can cover up to 80 kms a day with some amazing single tracks near the cliffs.

Asturias is one of the only places on earth where you can be skiing at 2 pm in one of the ski resorts of the region and 45 minutes later you can be surfing a wave in the Cantabrian Sea so imagine the possibilities for MTB in Asturias.

Happy mountain biking but please remember the Mountain Code….. Stay safe, respect the environment and respect others who are also using the trails and routes.


If you want more information contact Where is Asturias at info@whereisasturias.com


Images and Text supplied by Bernardo del Truebano Garcia, Pablo Roman Garcia and Tracks Astures