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The council and area of Llanera is a part of the Nora Region which is made up by the towns of Posada de Llanera, Noreña and Siero and is situated on the banks of the River Nora.

Llanera is very important for business due to it strategic location between the three main cities in AsturiasOviedoGijón and Avilés and less than 45 minutes from the airport. It is one of the most important manufacturing, storage and distribution areas for the Principado de Asturias hence the high concentration of large industry in the area.

It is a busy and lively area full of services companies and businesses but is also full of monuments, open spaces, good food and parties.

Throughout the council of Llanera you will find many culturally interesting aspects such the Romanic Church of Santiago de Arlos, The Valdes Tower, San Antolin de Villanueva, The Villanueva Palace, the Santa Barbara Palace, The Old Factory of Guisasola, the Habana Plaza (now a school of music) and the schools of Robledo. It has also a very important Etnographic heritage of Mills, Fountains and old Laundry areas.

Llanera is a part of the Route of Santiago being a way of connection between Oviedo and the “Northern Route“. The area has several other walking routes such as the Posada de Llanera-San Cucao Route or the Rural Palaces Route.

The local food of Llanera is a traditional Asturian fare, with stews, Asturian reared beef, chicken dishes, and fresh fish from the sea and rivers. The true gastronomic toast of the area is their pork production and especially the rearing of the local breed called “Gochu celta” or Celtic Pig. The meat of this pig produces excellent organic cured meats, fresh meat and offal.

Llanera hosts the very popular costume party of Exconxuraos that celebrates all things medieval.


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Images supplied by Ayuntamiento de Llanera, Daniel Mora and Turismo Asturias: Camilo Alonso, Arnaud Spani.