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Illas County is formed by the areas of AvilésCastrillónCorvera and Illas. This county is in very close proximity to the Airport of Asturias.

The impressive beauty of Illas lies together with one of the most important industries in Asturias, the steel and chemical industry and plays host some of the most important international companies in these sectors such as Arcerol Mittal and Du Pont.

The gastronomy of Illas is traditional Asturian food but thanks to its proximity with the sea it enjoys a lot of fish dishes and amazing seafood. They have also their own cheeses and desserts.

Illas is a county rich in nature and is ideal for hikking and enjoying the surrounding beauty of the countryside.

In Illas you can find the beautiful “Route of the Windmills” or the “Wallk of the Gorfoli peak”. You can also relax and swim in the natural river pools of Sollovio and enjoy the views. Sollovio is a leisure complex parallel to a river with a swimming pool built onto the river Faxeras.

You can’t leave Illas without trying their very popular cheese “La Peral”, a soft blue cheese considered one of the best in Asturias. They also made the Gorfoli cheese which is ideal for eating with honey, quince preserve or even to make cottage cheese with it.


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Images supplied by Ayto de Castrillon, Ayto de Corvera, Ayto de Illas, and Turismo Asturias: Arnaud Späni, Camilo Alonso, Marcelo Alonso, Jose Antonio Carretero, Marcos Vega.