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The Hotel Palacio de Meras is a four star hotel located in a unique natural enclave at the centre of the village of Tineo, in the south-west of the Asturias. The Hotel Palacio de Meras is a popular stopping point for those travelling along the Route of Saint James, The Original Way (Camino de Santiago).

The Hotel Palacio de Meras is one of the most representative historical buildings in the town and was refurbished in accordance to the buildings original features. It has been carefully restored using high quality materials that make for some outstanding hotel facilities designed for our customers’ pleasure and comfort. Our helpful and friendly staff will welcome you in English, French, German or Spanish.

The Hotel Palacio de Meras has a cafe, bar, restaurant, its own wine cellar, event rooms for up to 250 people, private rooms and much more. It has also reserved a special room to exhibit a collection of antiques of more than 1000 objects collected throughout the lifetime of Valentín Alba, a local master craftsman from the village. Teh Hotel Palacio de Meras also offers the possibility of organizing a wide range of activities to promote the protection of the environment.

Rest is of the utmost importance for our guests and so are the many benefits and services offered to ensure you have a peaceful and pleasant stay. We offer you the possibility of choosing between rooms with beautiful views, junior suites or penthouse suites and all of them fitted with everything necessary for you to rest in the utmost comfort.

Our café offers a quiet atmosphere in a sun filled location ideal for enjoying a great selection of coffees, liquors, spirits, cocktails and wines. The café allows you to while away an afternoon deep in long conversations with friends or get lost in a good book you are reading. The café also offers Internet connection via WIFI.

Our restaurant offers the best of the local gastronomy. Soups and cold meats prepared mainly from pork constitute the base of the local cuisine. Cabbage stew (potaje de berzas), Chosco (one of the most popular dishes from the region made of pork), the famous Fabada casserole (made with white faba beans) or Arbeyos (a dish made with delicate tender peas) are amongst the most popular dishes. One can also enjoy dishes made with game such as wild boar and venison. There are also a number of desserts to discover such as the classic rice pudding, pancakes and others made with dairy products. Also, the Barbaroja Wine Cellar offers a national and international selection of the best wines available.


Without a doubt the magical place of the Palace, adorned by the natural light that crosses its crystal ceiling, is the Central Patio. It houses the letter dining room, with the possibility of staging of a concert, weddings, celebrations, conferences and other types of meetings and events. We have two event rooms up to 250 people.


Apart from the Hotel Palacio de Meras itself, we invite you to visit the Palace of the family García from Tineo (currently used for cultural events), the Palaces of Cabo del Río, Barreiro and Flórez Valdés in Tuña as well as the house in which the General Riego, originally from the same village, was raised during his childhood. You will also be able to admire two significant pre-historical megaliths in Merillés and Baradal and a tumulo-dolmen in Truébano. In terms of religious architecture, you must absolutely visit the parish church of Saint Peter of Tineo and the monasteries of Saint Michael in Bárcena and of Santa María la Real in Obona. We also recommend you visit the chapel of Saint Roch, a milestone in Saint James’ Way and the reason for many of the region’s most popular celebrations. The municipality also hosts the MOA (the Museum of Gold of Asturias) in Navelgas, the MUVA (the Bovine Museum of Asturias) in Naraval, the Museum of Sacred Art in the parish church of Saint Peter of Tineo, the Forest Museum in Muñalén and the town house of the Count of Campomanes in Sorriba.


Should you prefer to enjoy landscapes and the outdoors, we suggest you go to the Hoces del Esva for the surrounding views and walk along the Paseo de las Aves, the Paseo de los Frailes or the Paseo de San Juan (one leg of the oldest interior routes used by Saint James).

If you like hunting or fishing, Tineo and its surrounds also have plenty to offer you.

The Hotel Palacio de Meras has our own vineyards in the town of Corias where we organize wine tastings for our clients.

The most popular local celebrations are those of Saint Roch in August and Saint Peter in June. However, you can also enjoy plenty of events throughout the year such as the Fair of Samples, the many organised “Days of Gastronomy”, farming competitions or even the traditional bowling competition of Tineo.


For any particular requests, needs or desires our friendly staff at reception or our travel agency will cater for your every need.

For more information about our Hotel or book on line you can go to our website PalaciodeMeras.com or info@palaciodemeras.com

Tf: 985 900 111