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Asturias is known as a “Natural Paradise” and the best way to discover why, is by hiking through the Asturian valleys and mountains.

Oddly enough, Asturias is not as well-known as a hiking destination as it should be (though this has begun to change over the last few years) and hikers that have experienced the quality of the trails here in Asturias have found an incredible mixture and variety of routes ranging from very easy and short ones to long and difficult ones. Moreover, fantastic routes with many different possibilities.

Some people call Asturias the “Little Switzerland” due to its beauty, sceneries and orography. Nearly 40% of Asturias is “Natural Reserved Space” and can be accessed through nearly 5,000 Km of different routes.

Asturias is a great region to go walking with 300 Km of coastline, hundreds of forest trails, meandering rivers, lakes, plenty of wildlife, cultural heritage sites, pre Romanesque churches, old water mills and stunning meadow lands full of floral color. All of this make Asturias one of the best spots in Europe for hiking and trekking so no matter what you are looking for, from difficult hikes to relaxing walks, anything and everything can be found in Asturias.

It worth mentioning also that the routes in Asturias tend to be named or themed, for example “Ruta de los Molinos del Rio Profundo” or “Water Mill Route” which in this case follows a 7 Km route deep into the forest and along small rivers with 19 different water mills to discover. This design of walkway makes the experience altogether much more rewarding. Important Routes to mention with protected landscapes are the very popular Route of the Cares, the Route of the Alba, the Route of the Oneta Waterfalls, Route of the Dinosaurs, Turon Valley Routes, or the Route of las Xanas, among others.

There is something for everyone so make sure you don´t miss the opportunity of getting to know this amazing region through its hiking and trekking routes.

Also Asturias is an essential  part or the Walk of St. James or “Route of Santiago”, through three important ways “The Coastal Route” along the coast, “The Primitive Route” and “The El Salvador Route” along the mountains. The Primitive Route starts in the cathedral of The Saviour in Oviedo and leads you towards Santiago de Compostela in Galicia. Oviedo is an essential stopping point for pilgrims who wish to visit the cathedral of San Salvador (The Saviour) before leaving for Santiago……. as it is said in an old French song that “Those who visit Santiago before The Saviour, visit the servant but leave the Lord”

We will be designing all the  information you need  about all the Routes worth to visit in Asturias and delivering that to you in regular bases through the website. We will also have plenty of information about the Route of Santiago.


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Images suplied by Tomás Fano and Turismo Asturias