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Another possibility when visiting Asturias is to play a round of golf.

Asturias has 16 golf courses ranging from courses along the coast with incredible sea views to courses within the forests and rolling hills.

Most of these golf courses are open to the public for a fee that starts from 10 to 35 euros per green fee. Playing in one of the two “members only” clubs is also possible if you know the right people or have contacts among the members.

Asturian scenery is green and wild and therefore it is a perfect place where to play a round of golf whilst admiring nature and playing in some difficult and challenging holes.

It is difficult to highlight the best courses as all of them have different and enjoyable characteristics but nevertheless, many people who have experienced it are amazed by the sea views that the Llanes Golf Course and Aldama Golf in Llanes. Other courses are Castropol Golf in Castropol; Castiello, el Tragamón, Deva and La Llorea in Gijón; La Morgal in Llanera; Los Balagares in Corvera; Las Caldas in Oviedo; Palacio de Rubianes in Piloña; La Fresneda and La Barganiza in Siero; Cierro Grande in Tapia de Casariego; La Rasa de Berbes in Ribadesella and Villaviciosa Golf in Villaviciosa.

Asturias is known for its greenery and therefore quite some rain but playing golf is something you can do throughout the year. Temperatures rarely drop below 5ºC and even in December to January you can have plenty of sunny days with temperatures ranging around the 12-15ºC offering fantastic conditions to get a round of golf in on one of the many great courses.

Most of the big courses have golf equipment to rent and therefore you don’t need to bring your own set of clubs.

If you want to spend a whole holiday playing golf, Asturias can be one of the best options as it combines splendid golf courses with fantastic sceneries and quite a few 4 and 5* hotels and some amazing restaurants nearby.


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Images supplied by Turismo Asturias: Kike Llamas, Marcos Morilla and Camilo Alonso.