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Asturias is a paradise for fishing both at the sea and at the rivers.

Fishing in Asturias at the Sea:

Asturias has some fine fishing from the coastal cliffs to the beaches, boats or even diving. There are a lot of different varieties of fish: shellfish, octopus, sea bass, bream, red bream, conger eel, gilthead, monkfish, tuna, turbot, red mullet and a lot of other marine species living in the Cantabric Sea.

Fishing in Asturias at the Rivers:

The Asturias fluvial network is organized in six big hollows from the west to the east: Eo, Navia, Esva, Nalón, Sella and Deva. The Eo is just on the border with the community of Galicia, although the biggest river to the west of Asturias is the Navia, followed by the Esva, with superb conservation conditions. The centre of Asturias is fed by the two biggest rivers of Asturias, the Narcea and the Nalon which meet very close to the sea forming the estuary of San Esteban in Muros del Nalon council . The Sella River drains the west passing parallel to the sea due to the presence of the impressive coastal mountain range of Cuera and Sueve. In the southwest you can find the Cares River which is without doubt one of the most beautiful rivers.

In Asturias you can fish especially for salmon and different varieties of trout. There are 63 salmon preservations and 48 trout preservations.

Here the salmon is the king! Currently, Asturias is the community on the Iberian Peninsula (Spain and Portugal) in which more salmon are captured. Salmon Fishing is a yearly event. There is a huge expectation along the whole season, especially at the start where there is a competition for finding the very popular “Campanu” which is the first salmon fished in every Asturias River during the campaign. The first salmon captured in Asturias is the most important and journalists and television cameras from all over Spain and other countries come to cover the event. This is because this first fish is sold for big money! Always costing more than 6,000 Euros and it is usually bought by the most prestigious restaurants of Spain to honour their best and more popular clients.


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Images supplied by Tomás Fano, Turismo Asturias and Where is Asturias.