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Candas is the capital of the Council of Carreño located in the region of Cabo Peñas (rocky Cape). It is a busy fishing town just few kilometres away from the cape and has a nice town centre, fishing port and the popular beach of Candas .

The Cabo Peñas is the most northerly part of Asturias with cliffs of over 100 metres high and where stone and sandy beaches alternate with dune ecosystems such as Verdicio or Xago.

It is one of the main attractions of Asturias for its beauty and impressive views to the Sea, the beaches and the Picos de Europa. The lighthouse that is situated on the Cape has been working since 1852 and curretly is converted into an Interpretation Centre for the area and its diverse and special surroundings.

In the13th century the town of  Candas was home to one of the most important fishing fleets on the Cantabric Sea being very popular for fishing whales. The town operated as an important whale trading post between Asturias and Northern Europe and especially with the whaling community of Ireland

Nowadays Candas relies mostly on tourism due to the natural environment, surroundings and proximity from the airport of Asturias but still maintains its connection to the sea and the fishing industry.

The county of Candas (Carreño) is home to the burial mounds of Mount Areo, which are one of the most important examples of Neolithic tombs in the North of Spain dating back to 5000 B.C.

The area also offers many walking routes and nice beaches so you can relax with a good book by the sea or enjoy a nice hike or other adventure activities along the cost. Candas (Carreño) is part of  the Northern Route of the “Route of Santiago“, as you head way from Gijon travelling west.

Its gastronomy is based in traditional Asturian food and they enjoy very tasteful fresh fish and shellfish. It is also very popular for their traditional biscuits called “Maranuelas”.

In the month of July, Candas holds the “Pipe band festival” where some of the best Pipe bands and pipers gather from all over Europe to play alongside the traditional Asturian musicians.

Notable dates on the calendar include:

The festival of Sardines (28th of July to the 2nd of August)

The blessed Christ of Candas (El Santísimo Cristo de Candas) when the statue of Christ is delivered from the sea for a very popular religious procession (14th of September)

The festival of pipers (13th and 14th of July)


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Images supplied by Tomás Fano and Turismo Asturias: Camilo Alonso