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Cabrales is a beautiful Council set in the middle of the majestic Picos de Europa earning plenty of popularity due to its biggest export, the famous Cabrales Cheese.

Cabrales is not only about cheese; it also has impressive landscapes, idyllic scenery, crystal clear rivers and an important Historic heritage.

This area is home to part of the old Roman road to Caoro, Cave Paintings of La Covadiella and El Bosque and the Mesolithic burial site of Los Canes. There are also many fine examples of medieval bridges, churches and palaces from the 17th and 18th centuries.

Cabrales is all about mountain life and is situated in a great location that can offer all kinds of adventure possibilities. Here you can enjoy spelunking, canoeing, rafting, canyoning, mountain biking, trekking, horse riding, quad biking, paragliding and many more.

If there is one activity that stands out above the rest then it is mountain climbing as Cabrales is at the base of several peaks over 2000 metres. One of them is the Naranjo de Bulnes (Pico Urriellu) which is one of the most popular and most difficult peaks in Asturias and offers breathtaking scenery at every turn. Another fine peak is the mountain of Torrecerredo which is the highest peak in the Cantabric mountain range at 2,648 metres (8687 feet)

From Cabrales you also have access to many walking routes ranging from 2 to 8 hours in duration. The Route of Cares is one of the most popular amongst visitors for its stunning views and not too difficult elevation.  If you feel like heading to the beach then the beaches of the eastern coastline are only 35 minutes away by car.

The gastronomy includes traditional Asturian casseroles, Asturian reared beef, fish from the rivers and the sea, organic vegetables and traditional desserts. Mainly though, Cabrales is most popular for the local cheeses. This intense blue cheese is very well known worldwide for its excellent quality and for the method in which it’s produced. Many of the Cabrales cheese makers open their doors to the public allowing you see the peculiar process of production when making this traditional cheese.

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Images by Tomás Fano, Ayto de Cabrales and Turismo Asturias: Arnaud Spani and José Suárez.