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The Cabo Peñas is the most northerly part of Asturias with cliffs of over 100 metres high and where stone and sandy beaches alternate with dune ecosystems such as Verdicio or Xago.

It is without doubt one of the wildest spots in the Asturias and one with the most “personality”. The waters of the Bay of Biscay crash against its steep cliffs, which in places rise up a hundred metres in height, giving shape to a setting of unparalleled beauty. This area can be accessed by a wooden walkway which helps conserve this area of enormous natural value.

Inland, the terrain is very rugged, with short, shallow river valleys. The beaches are usually made up of pebbles or sand and are really beautiful. Noteworthy among these are Xagó Beach and Verdicio Beach. From the cape, you can see small islands and rocky islets, including La Erbosa, the second largest island in the Principality.


Cabo Peñas


The Cabo Peñas is one of the main attractions of Asturias for its beauty and impressive views to the Sea, the beaches and The Picos de Europa. The lighthouse that is situated on the Cape has been working since 1852 and curretly is converted into an Interpretation Centre for the area and its diverse and special surroundings.


Cabo Peñas

The Cabo Peñas is located in the council of Gozon and the closest towns are Luanco and Candas.


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