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The councils of Bimenes, Cabranes and Sariego are symbolically the heart of Asturias because of its situation at the centre-east of the region and because the area is well known for its Cider production of which the Asturians are very proud.

Bimenes is a eminently rural council  and offer many ethnographic examples of great interest.

In Bimenes you have the Ruta de los Molinos (Routes of the Watermills) where you can see some fine examples of the hidraulic inventiveness of the old days through restored watermills such as the Molin de Milio and Hororio.

Other important buildings in Bimenes are The San Julian Tower and the Palace of the Estrada Marquees, one of the most beautiful rural palaces of Asturias from the XVII century.

You can also visit in Bimenes the House of the Radio in Suares where you can see a display of more than 150 examples of antique and modern Radios.

In Cabranes you can find the parish of San Julian de Viñon with a beautiful Romanic church from the 12th century or the Museum of the Rural School,  in a building from 1908.  Also, you can follow the river route through the old mines of coal and anthracite in Vegapallia.

Other place of interest is the town of Torazo with one of the best concentrations of Indiano Architecture houses in harmonious combination with traditional asturian houses and their characteristics corridors and covered balconies.

This is a place of natural beauty where you can find routes such as “The Route of Peñacabrera”, “La Coroña de Castru” or “La Cuesta de la Albarda”.

In Sariego you will find beautiful medieval churches such as San Roman de Sariego, Santiago el Mayor and Sta Maria de Narzana.

The inhabitants of Sariego, have been awarded with the “Exemplary Town of Asturias Award” in 2006 because of the maintenance of their traditions. This is an award given by the “Princess of Asturias Foundation” and delivered in person by the King and Queen of Spain. The award shall be conferred upon a town, village, population centre, scenic area or group of people in the Principality of Asturias that have stood out in a notable way in “defending and conserving its natural or environmental setting, its historical, cultural or artistic heritage, or in the carrying out of outstanding communal works or other such displays of solidarity”.

The area of Sariego is also a section of the “Northern Routeof the “Route of Santiago” where you will find The Fountain of Pozu Salau which is aquifer with traditional curative qualities. In the main town of the council called Vegam the pilgrims can rest and spend the night in the pilgrim’s refuge.

These councils enjoy the proximity to the beautiful beaches of the Cider Region and the Dinosaur Coastline.

The Gastronomy in this area is based around the traditional Asturian fare, with stews, Asturian reared beef and fresh fish from the see and the rivers. It has special importance the quality shellfish from the area, cooked with rice or in many ways but always very tasty. And of course the real star of the area is Cider which is great for drinking but also for cooking with.


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Images supplied by Ayto de Bimenes, Mancomunidad de la Sidra, Turismo Asturias: Camilo Alonso and José Suárez